Varanasi : A trip that made me taste Nirvana (Story By Bhagi Shravani)

Varanasi has been on my bucket list since long.

I still haven’t made it there, but my friend Shravani visited the spiritual capital and shared how this trip had changed her life.

I have to admit that it’s a little hard for me to write this post, because for the first time I am writing about a place that I haven’t been to. After Listening to the heartening events, I felt there is a need for me to put this spiritual experience in words.

So here is her experience, also includes how the spark to start ‘Nirvana Bistro’ transpired.

Enter Upon

Varanasi is my first trip as a solo female traveler. I have always wanted to visit this place and because of my notions I finally made it. If you really want something, universe definitely gives a call 🙂.

Initially I was terrified, excited and had mixed feelings, but trust me it is safe to travel alone here. Just take the right precautions.

The day I arrived was ‘Shivaratri’ and I wasn’t aware of this before. I was really fortunate to be there on this auspicious festival.

First off I went to the temple and somehow I didn’t feel the actual vibe there. I felt much better outside.

Now while walking along the Ganges river, I chatted with few Sadhus and found their lifestyle very fascinating. They focus on their spiritual practices in their early life by detaching all familial, societal and earthly attachments. This way they achieve their purest and highest spiritual level and they find richness in spirit & humanity.

There is attachment and detachment on this surface 🙂

The Boat Ride

To see the architecture of the buildings rising up from the ghats was interesting from this spot, and the colour of the buildings is surpassed only by the colour of life in this charismatic city.


There are 3 primary ghats ‘burning ghat’, ‘assi ghat’, and the ‘main ghat’. Every ghat has its own uniqueness.

I visited the Burning ghat with a fellow traveller from Delhi; Life just goes on here.


Then I had witnessed the sacred Ganga Aarti on one of these ghats and it was a remarkable experience.

[Pic Credits : Sai Krishna Garlapati]
The spiritual atmosphere around is just mesmerizing.

[Pic Credits : Sai Krishna Garlapati]

The best part is, the walks along the river and the different ghats never got boring.


People & the city

I had met people of various age groups from different parts of the world and everybody is philosophical here. The connect I had with them was spiritual but not religious.


Varanasi has got amazing cafes with some great wall art and food.



There is so much life in the streets of Varanasi.

The mix of street art, hand-painted letterings, and the very old architecture of the city, everything in this place is wonderful.

The city of Shiva is the beating heart of the Hindu universe, a crossroads between the physical and spiritual worlds, and the Ganges is viewed as a river of salvation, an everlasting symbol of hope to past, present and future generations. 

An other major thing about Varanasi is, it is a hub for Indian music. I experienced cultural exchange for the first time. People across the globe come play here and they do it for months.

Origin of Nirvana Bistro:

Varanasi was quite an experience. Being back home for almost few weeks, I realized how unique the artistic scenes were. This made me think, what if I can open a coffee shop here in my city to create a platform for art. And that is how Nirvana Bistro happened.


I still have all these colors, the sunset, the children’s choir chants, the morning yoga rituals, right in front of me. Varanasi had a bigger impact on myself, despite the numerous negative moments I went through in the past

[Pic Credits : Sai Krishna Garlapati]
And Sometimes we just aren’t aware of what we experienced on our holidays, till the right moment kicks in, in the near future. I’m so glad that I had the chance to visit Varanasi, I gathered such non exhausting energy and by now that became my wealth.

My perception and purpose redefined by itself and I have become very observant of my own life and deeds. Process of transformation is never easy, but if you could resist, it will only make you strong and better version.

While experiencing all of this, I wish to share this energy with everyone that I meet🙂 for in giving and sharing there is freedom and ultimate emotion.

Letting more life unfold and miracles to happen🌞🌚

Namaste.Om Nama Shivay !

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