Meghalaya : Half Way To Heaven

This trip was totally aleatory. Sometimes, random plans with your friends turn out to be much eventful than you can imagine.

When we searched for the flight prices they were immoderate from Hyderabad as we decided to book just 3 days before the date of travel. So, we booked a direct flight from Bangalore to Guwahati.

It is recommended to book an evening flight, so that you reach Guwahati by night and that way you can save a day of your travel plan.

Once we reached the airport, we headed towards Pan Bazar using Ola/Uber Services — this is said to be City’s centre and has easy access to taxi stands, food joints etc. Since, stay was just a matter of one night, we used ‘Make My Trip’ offer and had put up at this hotel called ‘Rialto’. 

Freshened up and walked through streets of Guwahati, tried some local food and ended our day here.

[If you are looking for some Clubbing scenes, try ‘Terra Mayaa’ — did not get a chance to go there but heard it is a happening place.]

Day 1  :  Enter Cherrapunji

Before leaving to Cherrapunji in the afternoon, we visited Umananda temple in Guwahati.

To reach  temple, use local rickshaw to get to the river. It is one amazing experience 🙂 They Charge some Rs. 30–40/-

Temple is on the other side of the river and you will need a boat ride to get there. Pay Rs. 50/- per head and if you are in a rush a max of Rs. 75/- can be paid.


Umananda Temple

Hired a vehicle and started to Cherrapunji after lunch. Beautiful Umian lake is on the way; can stop by at view point for a while.

Umian Lake

The drive from Umian lake to Cherrapunji was breathtaking; You feel like you are flying high on mountains here. The climatic conditions were good on the day we travelled, so it enhanced the beauty.

We Reached our Resort around 4 in the evening, elated with the drive and we were completely blown away by the Saimika Resort. It had such huge premises with beautiful landscapes & pictures below says it all.

Had our coffees at the cafe here and relaxed for a while, before going for a pleasant walk around the property.

Perfect Place to Read 🙂
CAFE Scenes !!!

Dinner Time ;-) — They have live Kitchen and my friend had aided them in cooking; you can try that too. People here are very friendly and when you are here do not forget to meet this sweet Chap named ‘Morning Star’ 🙂 .


(Points to keep in Mind)

– It takes around 1.5 hrs for them to arrange.

– Soup is a must try .

– Food quantity is Superfluous, so order wisely ;-). Size of Aloo Paratha is colossal.

P:S: Some Killer Music is played @Cafe eternally.

Spent rest of the night by Star Gazing 🙂

Day 2— The ‘T’ day : Trek day

Cherrapunji has one of this well-known treks to ‘ Living Root Bridge (Double-Decker)’. To get to the trekking Point you need to hire a taxi and ride tariff would be around Rs. 800/-. This will be arranged by resort folks, you just need to intimate them a night before trek.

After a heavy breakfast we started around 10:30 AM. The drive was spectacular as usual and on the way there were some scenic points from where you can spot Bangladesh. Our driver ‘Last Born’ (yes you guys heard the name right, his name is Last Born 😉 ) was really sweet and elucidated us the customs of Meghalaya.

Reached beginning of trek point @ 11:30 A.M, all the people returning from hike asked us if we were staying there for the day. They say a ‘night stay’ is a must and has lot of secret ponds to explore. We were not prepared for stay but we were excited to get to the double decker bridge.

Trek Show

The walk was on a downward path. By the looks of it were sure, that the journey back would be a tough one.

(Carry water & there are puny pitstops along)

After 1.5–2hrs, finally reached double-decker bridge. The bridge is formed by two layers of tree roots. Hence the name, Live Root Bridge.

Double Decker Living Root Bridge !!!

I was not done with this and pushed my friends to go a little further. As it was getting dark and cloudy, we weren’t able to identify our surroundings properly.

Time for us to return but K.D (my other friend) has convinced all of us to go ahead for next 10 minutes. This was the best choice made; reached an isolated place where you see pristine water falls.

Such a pleasant feeling you get after taking a dip in these waters.

Suddenly it started raining cats & dogs — ‘Cherrapunji’ justifies being one of the wettest places on the planet. We trekked back in that heavy rain and stopped by at a tiny food joint; they serve hot Maggie & Omelettes 🙂


Pitstop Owners 🙂

Mission accomplished — lastly we reach the starting point @ around 5:45 P.M .


[You need to ring Last Born (driver) when you start back, such that he will plan accordingly & be there to pick you at right time ]

Super tired we went back to resort to just hog and sleep .

Day 3— Swachh Village

Afore I share “cleanest village” experiences, let me inform the means of transport used.

So, we found Last Born cool and asked him if he can accompany us for rest of our trip; made a deal of 2k per day.

He came to pick us at 11 A.M in the morning and on the go had a quick look at the other side of the resort. Man! we missed this place big time :-(— It has a nice Basketball court, crazy hangout places etc.

When you are here, do not miss to play Basketball.


On our journey to Mawlynnong first halt was at Nohsngithiang Falls. It was bliss to sit on edge of the mountain and stare at those splendid waterfalls.

I don’t want to talk about the drives anymore, they are incredible by default 🙂



Reached around 5 PM and started looking out for places to stay. Enquired couple of home-stays & in the end had put up at ‘I Lajong’ guest house. Initially they quoted 3.5k for two rooms we negoatiated it to 2.5K.

Rambled around the village and it was so tidy everywhere. Town was pretty small, can take the entire tour by walk in 20 minutes.

HomeStay !!

Day 4— Castaway

There is an other Living root bridge in Mawlynnong, we went there in the morning. Fortunately it was a very small trek and on the way you notice several kids playing. They don’t hold any modern gadgets or fancy toys, but still they looked so happy with no complaints at all :-).

It being early hours (@ around 7AM) there was no one at the bridge. It was so calm & peaceful and a perfect place to meditate.

Cutie !!!

This place reminds me one of those greatest quotes ‘Nature is cheaper than therapy’ 🙂

Rejuvenated, we now get back to our homestay. There is a football ground right opposite, can go play a quick game 🙂
We started to Shnongpdeng @10:30 AM & reached around 12:30 PM. Unlike Cherrapunji, weather was little hot here. Hence, we debated on whether to stay in room or take tents. Room was unbelievable with stunning river view and comes for a miracle price of 1k per day, so with no secondary thoughts chose this.

Not many people know about Shnongpdeng. Few people do come here but they do water sports and leave; I personally highly commend to lodge here for a night at-least.

Mickey Star is the man here; he owns the cottage, organises water sports, food & everything at reasonable prices.

Boating on clear waters was thrilling and couldn’t wait to jump in :D. Later spotted a small cliff point & dive from here was so much fun.

Floating — Bliss 🙂

Played-out till evening here.

Room had a lovely speaker set up & we thoroughly enjoyed it 😀

After dinner we went to the riverside and there was no one else apart from us. With sky full of stars, cold breeze, surrounded by hills and river sounds entire atmosphere was phenomenal.

Day 5— Move to Shillong via Dawki

Kicked off our morning session with diving activity again and then left Shnongpdeng @11:30 AM. En route to Shillong, we drop by at Dawki.

Dawki has interesting premises with India on one side & Bangladesh on other side.Both country’s army people are throughout & they ensure no one trespasses.

India — Bangladesh Border !!

Dawki river is possibly India’s cleanest river and it is said to be more graceful during winter. Do go for a boat ride here and do not pay over 100 Rs per person.

Boat Ride @Dawki ..

Suddenly there was heavy downpour and could barely see the road.

Wonderful weather with terrific locations makes a delightful drive .

Entered Shillong @ 7PM and everything seemed new and it took a while to get in sync with the Urban world :-).

Make my trip people had messed up the stay — they confirmed booking at homestay without owners permission. After almost reaching the site, they say your booking is cancelled. Lost about two hours in enquiring for alternative and cancellation procedures.

At last @11 PM found some commercial motel & ended up here.

Day 6— Shillong City

After such fascninating stays, this hotel was totally loathing. So first thing we do in the morning was to get in touch with the home stay owner directly (that was turned down by Make My Trip ) and make our reservation.

Checked out @ 10 AM & began the Shillong quest :-). Try food at Delhi Mistan Bandar in Police Bazar, Chole Bhature is divine here .

Then espied Elephant falls & Shillong View point.

Shillong View Point

Progressed to homestay to drop our baggages; this place was more alluring than tourist attractions. The house was just brilliant with lavish interiors and charming surroundings.

Journey with Last Born (driver) comes to an end, he was very friendly and helpful all the time. Dropped us at Pan Bazar, introduced us to his friends and asked them to assist if we need anything.

Last Born — The Man 🙂

Checked out bazaar at Shillong .

Shillong Streets !!
Sneak Peek of Khasi Movie 🙂

Last Born’s friends helped us in getting a taxi back to homestay (usually you find a lot of taxi’s at Pan Bazar). I was astounded both with sound system and collection of music in local taxi. Sounds funny, but seriously I was quiet all through as i was in a shock 😀

[P:S: Just to keep in mind, it is a little hard to find local transportation after 9PM.]

Only we were there in the whole building. So partied & then enjoyed star gazing at terrace.

Day 7— Climax Set

Morning walk in between woods was so refreshing.

I have this jinx with keys 😡 and lost them this time. Searched for almost 2hrs with no luck. Watchman joins the search and he casually mentions that, ghosts roam around here and he has seen them couple of times during night & they are not harmful 😀

Ghost Busters Zone !!

Sha Ri Loum homestay folks provide some good complementary breakfast & about pricing, they charge 2k per room (two people can stay in one Room ).

HomeStay @ Shillong

Bidding adieu to Meghalaya, we left to Guwahati airport with a lot of positive vibes.

End of Story & budget/expenses for this trip was 31K per head. Can do it at a much lower price if planned ahead :-).


If you would like to know about our stay details, please click here


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    Way to go Sreedhar !

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