My Story:

Myself an Engineer by profession and traveller by passion. I am sure you won’t be interested in my story of how I became an Engineer, so I am going to tell  you how my passion for traveling has started.

From the moment I have known that the earth is a vast place and there are numerous places to visit on this planet, I was fascinated with the idea of traveling. All this has happened when I was a child.

With that in my mind I have reached my early twenties. As you grow up birthdays seems to lose their spark and might not seem as exciting as they were in our teens. One year I have decided that I will go to another country for my birthday just to keep things as exciting as they can get (I know it sounds silly but, thats what happened :D)

I have been to Thailand with a friend of mine as planned for my birthday. It was more of a vacation for me than a traveling experience. However, this travel has provoked me to try going to another country in the following year and I decided to travel alone this time. I have chosen UK as I have a friend in London and helped me with the stay and itinerary details.

This was the first time I discovered the real joy of traveling. Not just being a tourist but understanding the people of different regions, the variety, the culture differences, the believes, their food and lifestyle and many more.

Meeting new people, travelers from around the world, their motivations, their life stories made me realize sometimes we take few things in our life for granted, where they might be a mere wish for most of the people around the world. I even wondered sometimes how few countries have amazing qualities even though they are called poor or third world countries, and the so called forward countries might lack just the same quality.

Visiting more countries might have answered few of my questions about the way of life but, new questions keep popping as I keep traveling. To find the answers of ways of humans or to just simply explore and find the wonders of our planet, I decided I will be traveling as much as I can.

The reason for me to start travel blogging:

When I share my travel stories with my friends or colleagues I have seen them getting  inspired. I have also seen many of them travel and discover new experiences for themselves just based on the stories I have shared.

This made me think, what if I can share my stories to wanderlust souls across the world? I might be able to provide them with necessary information and make it a bit easier.

Hence the idea of blogging my experiences through travel.

So, keep your traveling pants ready and read away!!