Azerbaijan : A Day In Baku

Azerbaijan is a beautiful country with unique mix of cultures and religions. We were fortunate to spend a day in its capital city, Baku. How did we come to know about this place? Like most of you, I had hardly ever hard of this country until we were planning our itinerary for Georgia. While listing […]


When I was listing down budget friendly countries, I have come across Vietnam. After researching and reading about the country, I found myself looking for visa and plane tickets. First things first— Lets get the Visa! Instead of getting confused between, “Is it On Arrival” or “ We have to get it well ahead “ […]

TURKEY: It’s not a Place, It’s a Feeling

Predominantly,What Triggered me to travel to this country ? Well, this might sound a little bizarre;-) — I am a huge fan of Nargis Fakhri (Rockstar Movie Fame) and I follow her regularly on FaceBook & Instagram. So, there was one post of her on Instagram with hot air balloons flying and I was totally amazed with it. […]

New Zealand : The Land Of Fantasy

New Zealand- they call it the land of majestic scenery and home of middle-earth. The breathtaking landscapes and jaw-dropping sceneries here will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. Truly this place is paradise on earth and I call New Zealand – The land of fantasy. Stick with me to the end of […]

Meghalaya : Half Way To Heaven

This trip was totally aleatory. Sometimes, random plans with your friends turn out to be much eventful than you can imagine. When we searched for the flight prices they were immoderate from Hyderabad as we decided to book just 3 days before the date of travel. So, we booked a direct flight from Bangalore to […]

Gorgeous Georgia

When I mention “Georgia” country, most of them ask; “do you mean the state in U.S?” This Georgia “No” Georgia, is at the intersection of Europe & Asia. They say Europe started here and is one of the most ancient European countries. I was totally amazed with the beautiful landscapes and ancient villages of this […]